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Podcast: What Is The Church?

What is the Church? In our first episode of the Keep it Simple Podcast , (or “second season” as some might like to call it) Tom and I discuss this basic question.   You can subscribe on iTunes at this link, or listen directly to the podcast below:

This podcast episode refers to this YouTube Video:


About The “Keep it Simple Podcast”

For over two years now,  Tom Lecompte and I have co-hosted the simple church podcast “Keep it Simple.”  Tom, from New Covenant Fellowship (a house church network in Louisville, KY) and I originally started the podcast because we thought it would be a good opportunity to connect and discuss simple/house/organic church issues we were wrestling with.  Two years into it, we are still going and now we want to “relaunch” the podcast with a specific focus on helping others understand and carry outsimple church principles with the hope of seeing new simple churches started.

If we only had  6 or 7 podcasts to help you get started with simple church, what would we share?  This is the question we have in mind as we relaunch “Keep It Simple.”  In addition, each podcast also includes a “homework” challenge that if accepted we think will help you take practical steps toward listening to The Spirit’s leading regarding the birth of new disciples and simple church communities.  So for the next 6-7 episodes, we invite you to join us on the adventure!  The first episode of our relaunch (or our 65th episode overall) “What exactly IS a church?” is available for download now. New podcasts are released every two weeks.

You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes by clicking the image below:


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If you are not an iTunes person you can also listen online and download from the podcasts website.

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4 thoughts on “Podcast: What Is The Church?”

  1. I love this podcast, thanks Gavin and Tom.
    Doing simple church in madison Ohio. If you from my area come join us Saturday’s.
    I’ld love to hear any updates on Zume. And strategies for growing my simple church would love to hear about any ways I can grow in my gifts and fellowship.

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