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Zumé Project Preview

UPDATE: Join Gavin and Forrest Head, with BigLife@Home for a Google Hangout on Wednesday June 1st at 8PM to learn more about the Zumé Project and pray for our nation.  Details HERE

Over the last several months people from around the country have been coming together from various denominations and even types of churches to pray for and consider the common purpose of multiplying disciples, and yes, simple churches across the nation under the banner of the Zumé Project.  The Zumé Project (see video below) is an approach to fulfilling the Great Commission in North America by helping to establish disciple making groups or simple churches in every census tract (geographic block of 10,000 people) in the country.  The Zumé Project, when launched in August, will offer an online tool that will allow anyone to have free self-guided online training and connection with real people multiplying disciples and simple churches in their area.

If God were to move in our state and nation in this way, it will not happen apart from His people praying.  Will you join me in praying that God would send workers into the harvest fields throughout our nation?  Would you join me in asking God to raise up 120 county and 990 census tract leaders throughout the state of Kentucky who will trust God in making disciples and forming simple church communities in their census tract (almost 2000 simple churches statewide)?  Would you ask God if he might lead you to make disciples with us in your neck of the woods?  If you think you may have interest the Zumé Project please let me know here or simply stay tuned as much more is to come…

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