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Zumé Project Overview

The Zumé Project

Small Tools for BIG IMPACT in the Kingdom

Below is the Zumé Project overview.  I would ask that you pray about your involvement in this project.  Most of all, please pray that the Holy Spirit leads it!  Essentially, it is the same project of Simple Church Alliance as from the beginning we have been led to “multiply disciples and simple churches, starting in Central Kentucky and extending to the ends of the earth.”  The best way to think of Zumé is a tool that I believe God is going to use to help achieve this vision He has given us. I will be expanding on this outline in the weeks to come, but for now here is the overview…  

Download this overview in a pdf file. (feel free to share)

Download the “Kentucky” overview in a pdf file (feel free to share)

The Mission

Helping ordinary people make a big impact for the Kingdom of God by obeying and implementing the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 18-20) and Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-40).


The Vision

Make disciples of Jesus in every census tract in the United States, using an online and in person training platform focused on equipping participants in the basic disciple-making and simple church planting multiplication principles, processes, and practices.


Status of the Mission

Only one percent of church leaders say “today’s churches are doing very well at discipling new and young believers,” (Barna, State of Discipleship, 2015). And yet this same study says that 77% of all practicing Christians believe discipleship to be very important. We know discipleship is vital to the health and growth of God’s Kingdom, but we just aren’t making it happen. Christians want to be discipled and they want to make disciples of others, but they need tools, training, and mentoring to make it all possible. Zumé aims to address this very specific and timely need.


Goals of the Zumé Project

Zumé means yeast in Greek. In Matthew 13:33 Jesus is quoted as saying, “the Kingdom of Heaven is like a woman who took yeast and mixed it into a large amount of flour until it was all leavened.” This illustrates how ordinary people, using ordinary resources, can have an extraordinary impact for the Kingdom of God. Zumé aims to equip and empower believers to reach every neighborhood in America. Our team is focusing on Kentucky.

  • 120 County Networks and Coordinators: Organize a training network in each of Ky’s 120 counties. Each network will have a county coordinator tasked to oversee that each of the county’s neighborhoods (i.e. census tracts) has a properly resourced Training Group Host.
  • 994 Training Group Hosts: These groups are needed to ensure that every neighborhood in Kentucky has a team of people trained to make disciples. These training groups will have 4-12 people and go through a 10 week training course, each session lasting 2 hours. County Coordinators are in charge of recruiting and resourcing the necessary training groups in their county.
  • Simple Churches: Each training group will then start at least two simple churches. These will be aimed at the unchurched, recent converts, and those outside of traditional church in order to make disciples of every nation, people, and neighborhood.


The Curriculum

Overview: The curriculum is pointedly aimed at teaching people how to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples. The 10 week course teaches key principles and processes for making and multiplying disciples using simple easy to use tools and resources.



Online, self-guided- This August, Zumé will be launched as a website complete with training videos, downloadable tools, online coaches, and a group mapping feature enabling groups across the state access to all the necessary resource they need to make multiplying disciples of Jesus.


Online, Skype- Both before and after the website launch, online coaches are available to teach small groups, Sunday School classes, home groups, and families this same 10 week training course through the convenience of Skype. Just email to schedule your group’s training.


In-Person- Both before and after the website launch coaches are available to teach small groups, Sunday School classes, home groups, and families this same 10 week training course in person wherever you meet. Just email to schedule your group’s training.


Outline and Tools

Session 1: The Basics of Multiplication; Teaching Obedience, not just Knowledge; How to Listen and Hear from God

Tools- SOAPS Bible Reading Program; Accountability Groups Guide


Session 2: Becoming Producers:

If we are going to make disciples who multiply, then we need to equip them to be producers not merely consumers of spiritual goods.

Tools- Prayer Cycle; List of 100


Session 3: Blessing, Great Blessing, Greater Blessing, and Greatest Blessing:

How to get AND give the greatest blessing (hint: it’s about making disciples)

Tools- Testimony


Session 4: Spiritual Economy; Baptism

The more you give, the more you get in the Kingdom of God; the what and why of baptism.

Tools- Creation to Judgment Story


Session 5: Eyes to See where the Kingdom Isn’t

The parables of Jesus teach the Kingdom is going to grow. Do you have the eyes to see where?

Tools: Prayerwalking



Session 6: Faithfulness; Lord’s Supper

God doesn’t have a gifted and talented tract, he has the tract of the faithful; the what and why of Lord’s Supper.

Tools: 3/3rds Group (Watch)


Session 7-8: Training Cycle

Model. Assist. Watch. Leave. How every disciple is made.

Tools: 3/3rds Group (Practice); Leadership Cell


Session 9: Non-Sequential; Pace

Maturing is multiplication, not a sequential step that happens after you mature. Pace; because there’s 6 billion lost souls NOW.

Tools: Peer Mentoring


Session 10: Part of 2 Churches and a Network

Every disciple needs a place to learn, a place to lead, and a place coordinate

Tools: 3-Month Plan


Video Overview

If this landed in your lap and you want to join, get more information, lead, coordinate, or otherwise just talk to someone who knows how this all works, then email Gavin Duerson at


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    1. Steven, visit and log in. You will need to invite three others ot join your group. They can be friens or prospective partners that may want to preveiw the tool. There is no committment to anyone… just sign up and invite your friends then you can explore and see how Zume works. I hope this helps.

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