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Simple Church Conference 16 Wrap Up

I want to take a second and thank everyone who came together this last weekend for the simple church conference.  As I shared at the conference, I had experienced a lot of resistance about the entire during the whole process of planning our time together–so much so that I knew the day had to happen!  I trust that the our time will together will continue to impact our faith journeys and our simple churches that we are connected too.

For those that could not make it, allow me to offer a brief summary of our weekend:

On Saturday morning, we saw folks from Lexington, Nicholasville, Wilmore, Louisville, Beijing China, and Washington DC come together to consider their call to live out the Great Commission.  Dana and Diego kicked us off with a wonderful time of worship through song. I began the day by sharing how God had multiplied disciples and house churches throughout the history of The Church and that there was no reason to believe that He could not do that again in our country.  I shared my conviction that if this were to happen it would have to be because of God and it would likely involve Him giving each of us a burden for those that were lost and hopeless without Christ.  It would be love that led us to the mission field and kept us there…not guilt.  We then spent 45 minutes praying through the 10 characteristics observed in  Church Planting Movements across the globe and prayer for all the simple churches in the area to have a similar burden.

After lunch, David Toth led us in a discussion about aligning our will with God’s will so that we could pray with integrity.  Could we ask the Lord to multiply disciples if we truly were not able to align our lives such that we could be available to make disciples ourselves?  What types of changes would we need to make in our lives to be able to pray with integrity?

Marilyn walker led us in a discussion about prayer walking.  We watched a video about prayer walking and then… you guessed it!  We prayer walked!  Everyone had a great experience to share of how the Lord spoke to them during their time walking and praying through the Rabbit Run Subdivision in Lexington.  There seemed to be a theme arise that the Lord desired grow a stronger sense of community among neighbors and we prayed that the believers in that community could initiate relationships.

Following our prayer walk, we had a virtual prayer walk of sorts through our relationships.  We each tried to think of 1oo people or families that the Lord had placed in our life.  After we made the list, we prayed for all our friends and asked the Lord if He wanted to send us to these friends in a new way.  David challenged us to take the initiative in our friends lives.

Our day concluded with a time of worshiping God through prayer and Dana and Diego Vogel closed us with several worship songs.

Sunday we hosted several guests at our house as did the Walkers.  We had a great time with the Ferrell family who are new to Louisville and who are already seeing relationships develop that they are trusting will lead to the birth of a new simple church community.  It was a blessing for us to visit with the Lenhardts

I personally would like to thank Stephanie Jenkins for all her work in helping us with the facility at Rabbit Run.  Also for everyone who could not make it but wanted to.  I know that was many of you and please know that you were prayed for!  We look forward to seeing all the the Lord does among us in the coming year!who came all the way from Washington DC.  Daryl had previously visited us two years ago and returned to be encouraged and connect.  It was wonderful to hear of how the Lord brought he and his new wife together and how their simple church community was making an impact among a very diverse group of people.

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