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An Online Simple Church Multiplication Course

I wanted to share with everyone a very good online simple church course.  “Multiplication Concepts” is led by my new friend Curtis Sergeant. Curtis is involved in simple church multiplication and church planting movements across the globe. Curtis has a tremendous heart for our world and for those who are hopeless and in need of Christ.  It is out of this heart, his lifelong experiences in the harvest fields, and a close examination of the Scriptures that have given birth to the thoughts shared here in these training videos.

While you may not follow 100% of everything that Curtis suggests, I know that anyone who is interested in seeing disciples and simple churches truly multiplied would benefit greatly from considering and wrestling with the concepts and ideas Curtis shares.

The Course (YouTube Playlist)

You can also download the videos directly to your computer. In addition, a pdf file of notes and “homework” assignments that go along with course are available by CLICKING HERE:

We have mentioned the Zumé Project previously on this blog. Curtis’s training will serve as a foundation for the training provided through the Zumé Project when it launches later this fall.  To stay in the loop on the Zumé Prject, sign up at

More info..

You can learn more about Curtis at

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