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Watch The Star of Bethlehem Online


Several years ago a friend involved in a simple church hosted a viewing of The Star of Bethlehem movie.  Since watching it, I find myself thinking about it and bringing it up in conversation most every Christmas.  I wanted to let everyone know that this movie is now available on YouTube and I’m linking below a version that can be watch in HD (You may need to adjust the settings to watch it in HD.  You can do that by clicking the gear).

Perhaps you will not agree with everything suggested in this video/Bible study, but it is a fascinating theory and something that is well worth taking an hour to consider this Christmas.  The film seeks to examine, through computer models that track the stars and their movements and a close examination of Biblical texts, what may explain the star in the New Testament Christmas story that settled over Bethlehem.  Enjoy and share your thoughts below!

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1 thought on “Watch The Star of Bethlehem Online”

  1. This film is correct as to the signs, but not to their interpretation. We have the manual for divination used by the magi in Babylon. The interpretation of the two signs is actually that the King of Akkad (i.e. Mesopotamia) will die and be replaced by the King of Amurru, and Amurru is in the manual the area from Syria in the north to Israel in the south. The manual also explains the woman’s hidden place and the battle with the snake. See

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