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What A Night!

Thanks to everyone who made it out last night to our Simple Church Alliance network Christmas gathering!  It was a great time and I only wish I could have spent more time getting to know all the new folks a bit more and connecting with old friends! …Hopefully we will see everyone again soon in 2017!

* You can check out some photos from last night HERE.

(if you have some good ones please shoot them to me if you don’t mind!)

* We recorded the music and hope to have “A Simple Church Christmas Vol.2” available by next Oct.  You can download Vol. 1 free HERE.

* If you had friends that came and would like to be included in simple church e-newsletters/updates, please shoot me their emails or have them email me.  The Facebook group and page are also good for staying connected to other simple churches.

January 18 will be our next network leadership gathering at First Southern.  6-8pm. (third Wednesday of the month)

* Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Christmas present project!  ALL the foster children will be receiving gifts thanks to everyone’s generosity!  Thanks for Kendall Keefe and all her work serving our community!

* Meanwhile, check out the and watch the new video there explaining what it’s all a about.  Valentines day is the official date that Zumé will go live.  I think it could possibly be an excellent resource for us to help others find Jesus and His Church!  Sign up there for more info as it is made available.

May you and your family have a Merry Christmas!!! 


– Gavin Duerson

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