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Changes for Monthly Leadership Training This Summer


As many of you know, we will approach “training” differently this summer.  Rather than the usual “3rd wednesday of the month” evenings at the Bank, I am encouraging simple church leaders to utilize the Zume Training tool over the next several weeks. My prayer is that several Zume training groups may emerge and meet in homes over the course of the summer.  Therefore, there will be no training this month, in June or July at the bank.  We will resume in August at the bank.  (We will host other summer network opportunites as posted here).

How Do I Participate?

New? If you are new to simple church and are interested in becoming a more effective disciple-maker or in how to participate in a simple church, then please contact me.  I will be leading a Zume group and we will start soon.  We would love for you to join us. Also, you are also more than welcome to start a Zume group yourself.

Already involved in simple church?  If you are currently in a simple church, participated in a previous simple church conference, or would just like to start a group with some friends,  then we would like to help you host a Zume Training group.   Here is a video of how Zume training works.


How Do I Get Started?

Contact Us.

We woud love to be praying for you as you get going and be available to help answer any questions you may have.  Email Gavin Here.

Creat An Account.

 Visit and create an account.  You will also need to include in you “group” the email addresses for at least three other people who you hope to go through the training with you.  They will be invited to via email to join your training group but will in no way be solicted by anyone.  The Zume Project is not a progam of any ministry but a tool developed by simple church planters across the globe.


Once you create your account and invite your group to join you, you will be able to explore around inside the training tool so that you can get a feel for how the training works and what you are inviting yoru friends to join you in.  This is perfectly ok.  You are not breaking any rules. Take some time to get a feel for Zume!  (Note:  If you want to explore the tool before sending an invite to friends then simply use other email accounts you own.  You can add additional group members later or delete members but you can get inside the training without a “group”–something I hope will be changed soon).

Get Started.

Pick a time an place and give it a go!  Personally, I am going to invite my friends to do the training four weeks at first.  Asking someone to commit to 10 sessions of something they are not really sure about can be daunting for some.  My plan is to see if I can get folks to commit to four weeks then go from there.  Every friend and group will be different.  Remember… it’s a tool.  Not a silver bullet.

Stay in touch.

Zume Training is not intended to create islands.  The hope is that you can develope releationships and even have face to face connact with others on this journey.  You will be contacted by a coach (it will likely be me unless you skip step one) so make the most of that relationship along the way.


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