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A Story of Real Multiplication In Tampa, Florida

Below is a link to a podcast that features the story of Lee Wood.  I met Lee last year when in Tampa meeting with other simple church leaders involved with the Zume Project.  He considered my song “Mega House Church” a genius work of art, so of course we hit it off!

Lee’s story will encourage anyone who has lost faith in the church in the US or who has a hard time imagining how His church and Kingdom can expand without the buildings, budgets, programs and professional Christians we have grown accustomed to.  Lee is a genuinely humble guy, as you will hear.  His tears are real.  His story is real.  The multiplication he is talking about is real.

Often times we hear talk about “multiplication” of disciples and churches, but when we dig a little deeper we find that we really are talking about addition (and sadly sometimes division).  When we do hear of real exponential multiplication it seems like the stories come from places other than the U.S.  But God is multiplying disciples and simple churches in amazing ways here.  Sometimes we can’t track down any one person with a 5,000 foot view of it all unfolding, but Lee is one such person who has seen real viral multiplication from that vantage point.

One word of caution: As always, we should be careful about trying to copy Lee’s methods (which he really doesn’t talk about) and expecting the same results.  However, I do think that we all would do well to consider what he is saying and digest what God has and is continuing to do.  He would be the last guy to say, “just copy what I’m doing” as you will hear reflected in his heart on the podcast.  But one thing I admire about Lee’s story is that it reminds us what is possible with Jesus when we are dependent upon and available Him.   In that sense, I do pray that we can follow Lee’s example as he follows Christ.

If you question simple church, are considering be a part of a simple church, or just want God to use your life for something greater than the temporal things of this world, please take a few minutes and listen, at the very least, to the first half of this podcast.  It will be time well spent!

Listen to #24 “WWDJD”

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Visit to subscribe to their podcast.  It is a great resource!

You can find out more about Lee and what is happening at Tampa via their site at

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