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Becoming A Church

Becoming a Church

I often get to have conversations with people about the nature of a local church.  Some wonder, “Is my Bible study or small group a local church?  Why or why not?  Could we become a church?”  Even if not asked explicitly, these questions may tumble around in hearts and minds as we collectively wrestle with what it means to be the Body of Christ.
I have mentioned Zumé Project before and how many Christians find it to be a helpful tool in seeing the formation of disciple-making simple churches.  In the appendix of the Zumé Guidebook, there is an idea presented for a group exercise that I would like to highlight.  Perhaps, together with those in your life group, Bible study, or simple/house church, this exercise could be a great way to seek God and His guidance regarding the local church? If you find this helpful, perhaps your group may also enjoy participating in the Zumé Project and benefiting from all the free resources they offer?  Learn more



LOOK UP: Acts 2:42-47, 1 Corinthians 11:23-34


PRACTICE: Discuss what your group needs to do to become like the church described in the passages. As a group, on a blank paper, draw a dotted line circle representing your own group. Above it, list 3 numbers: the number regularly attending [stick figure], the number believing in Jesus [cross] and the number baptized after believing [water].

If your group has committed to be a church, make the dotted line circle solid. If you regularly practice each of the following elements then draw a picture of the elements inside your circle. If you do not do the element or you wait for an outsider to come do it, then draw the element outside the circle.

1. Commitment to be a church: solid line instead of a dotted line.

2. Baptism-water

3. Bible-book

4. Commemorate Jesus w/bread and water-cup

5. Fellowship-heart

6. Giving and ministry-money sign

7. Prayer-praying hands

8. Praise-raised hands

9. Telling people about Jesus-friend

10. Holding hands with friend-led others to faith

11. Leaders-two smiling faces


What was your group missing that would make it a healthy church?


– Zúme Guidebook / Page 34


What do you think?   I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

Explore the Zumé Project and consider going through the Zumé Training with a group of friends by visiting their site here!  You can also access Zumé Training resources including the entire guidebook and video training scripts here:

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1 thought on “Becoming A Church”

  1. I love the creative approach to getting Christians to interact with one another. I’ve been reading a book all about micro church that makes this exercise very applicable to my thinking right not. It’s called: ONE: Unfolding God’s Eternal Purpose From House To House by Henry Hon. Give it a quick web search.

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