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An update on our baby girl…

Hey folks… Just wanted to give a short personal update here on the simple church website about our baby on the way, Margaret Wylie Duerson.

Many of you know that Karla is pregnant with a little girl.  After our 20 week ultrasound, our midwife referred us to a high-risk pregnancy doctor.  We went to this appointment on Tuesday.  The doctor found that Wylie “likely” has Down syndrome.  There were a few indicators that led to this assessment: 1)There are two choroid plexus cysts on her brain (these are harmless, but often present in babies with a genetic disorder), and 2) her limbs measured slightly shorter than usual.  The third and most concerning issue is that she has a major heart defect.  The perinatologist believed it to be an AV canal. Around 40% of DS babies have AV canals.  Today, we learned from a pediatric cardiologist that she actually has a different heart issue called an inlet VSD (a “hole” between the right and left ventricles) and tricuspid regurgitation (the valve doesn’t close properly and some of the blood gets pushed “backward”).  The VSD defect, like the AV canal, is an indicator of Down syndrome. She will have surgery for the VSD sometime in her first year of life and possibly soon after birth.  The valve problem is a little bit more difficult to predict, but we were very encouraged by the doctor today that a team of pediatric specialists will be able to successfully fix both issues.  Also, we will receive the results of a genetic screen next week.  While it cannot diagnosis a chromosomal abnormality, the Doctors expect the results will be helpful to confirm that she has Down syndrome.

It’s been a lot to take in as you can imagine.  Karla and I as well as the children are doing well and thankful for God’s gift in Wylie. We know He is in charge of her challenges (and ours) and while we are just getting started down this road, we are grateful for all the support we have already received. The doctors this week have been super. We value your prayers. We know God can do miracles and a miracle fix on the heart is a welcomed prayer request.

I do not plan to be posting here about this situation, but if you would like to follow along with what is happening, Karla (and I) will be updating everyone who wants to stay in the know at  There are already a few entries that Karla wrote this week, but has not shared until now.

Thanks again for your support and prayers!  Here is a picture of Wylie!

A big “thank you” to Guinever VanCampen for creating this image!
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12 thoughts on “An update on our baby girl…”

  1. Katherine Nichols-Newell

    Gavin and Karla…I couldnt be more thankful for your love of family…I am honored to be on this journey with you all. Love, Mom

  2. Lots of prayers for healing in this sweet baby girls heart. She is so very lucky to have wonderful, God loving parents, like you and Karla.

  3. We won the lottery when our daughter, Molly, was born! She is truly a gift we didn’t know we needed.

    Congratulations on having a girl!! We celebrate who she is not what she has and that has been a huge perspective change.

    There is a large support system of families that will be good to get connected. I can help you do that of you haven’t already.

    Isaiah 43

  4. I will be praying for you two. I pray that your little girl will be healthy, complete, and whole.

    That is the word the Holy Spirit gave me to pray over my girls when we had fears and not so favored words from the doctors.

    You two are blessed and a force for the gospel. We love you two, Rob and Kimberly

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