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Connecting – A Simple Favor

The simple church alliance is a network or “alliance” of simple/house/organic church families in the region. We feel strongly that having connection to other communities is important for us to know Jesus fully and experience Him in our day. I recognize one of the more important roles I can have is to provide connection across simple churches so that relations can form and that we can continue to grow and learn together.

Certainly, each person and each simple church has different felt needs regarding connecting with other simple church communities or prioritizing the “network” aspect of simple church. I know many of you receive connection from the body of Christ in ways not directly related to “simple church alliance” All this is good and in keeping with what we promote here, which is a life with Christ where we identify more with His Kingdom than “our church.”

Yet, at the most basic level, I want to do more to ensure that every person that is participating in simple churches at least has the opportunity to hear news and encouragements from others in this region. When other simple churches are out of sight and out of mind, we can forget that we are not alone in this journey. Even more, when we do not have an opportunity to share all that God is doing in our church family with others getting started or struggling, then we miss an opportunity to encourage others.

Our monthly email newsletter is how I strive to inform and update simple church leaders and those active in simple churches in the Simple Church Alliance. My desire, at the very least, is to ensure that those in our simple church families have an opportunity to hear about God’s activity through simple churches like yours throughout the region.  I gather from my conversations many of you who I consider to be a part of this “alliance,” that many people involved in simple churches are not getting the newsletters and may not know that such communication exists.

A simple favor…

With that said, I have a simple favor to ask… Would you take a few minutes to email me the email address of those involved in your simple church family so we can add them to the newsletter?  Obviously, the assumption I am making is that anyone active in a simple church connected to this network would want to receive our newsletter. However, if you are unsure about this, then please get permission before contacting us.

I believe that a little effort can go a long way. There have been numerous things that God has done and relationships that have formed because of these simple emails over the years. I pray that can continue to happen and even more so in the days and years to come!


Gavin Duerson


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2 thoughts on “Connecting – A Simple Favor”

  1. I am looking for a Simple Church in my area. I live in Port Orchard Washington. Please add me to your newsletter subscription.

  2. Roger, Thanks for touching base. I will add you to the list. I will look into this a little bit and see if I may know of some folks in the area doing simple church there. I would love to discuss with you a few simple steps you could take to see a new simple church birthed in your area if you were interested as well. Feel free to email me and we can set up a time if so. Thanks!

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