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Zach Winters with Sylvie, Dana Vogel – POSTPONED



Earlier this year, I was excited to see that Zach Winters released a new album. I first heard of Zach Winters when I noticed a tweet from one of my favorite songwriters, Josh Garrels, giving a shout out to Zach Winters and the album Monarch.   I checked it out and immediately became a Zach Winters fan, as did Karla.  When his newest album, Love is a Garden, came out, I immediately purchased it and knew right from the first track, “Give Thanks,” that this album was a gift to me personally.

Living in the hospital for months on end can take a toll. Giving thanks is not something that is always easy to do, but when I played this song as I walked down to the cafeteria on a particularly difficult day, it became a little more simple. A simple song that produced a simple smile. A laugh. A tear. And a connection to the deeper truth that “we don’t have to be sure of everything to give thanks” came at just the right moment.

It was more than a song, but a reminder from the Creator that He is good and in control and that thankfulness was the key to mental stability.  I have had much to be thankful for over the past year.  Wylie has defied all expectations, she had had amazingly successful procedure after procedure, the UK hospital and staff have been awesome, and most of all I have witnessed God’s people, His church, support and encourage our family in ways that leave me eternally grateful.  I set that song to be my alarm bell for each morning. It’s my “theme song” for 2020!

A few weeks later, I actually received an email from Zach Winters. Though we hadn’t met, we did share a mutual friend. I had previously tried to reach out to him to see if he might be interested in doing a show in Lexington. That never happened, but Zach kept my contact and notified me that he would be passing through this April and wondered if I might like to host a show.

In normal times, I would jump at this opportunity to do something fun, but time hasn’t been “normal” for a while. Yet, as I tried to figure out ways to avoid taking on this project, I had a growing sense that someone else here also needed to hear these songs.  So April 16 it is going down at Manchester Coffee Company on Manchester Street in downtown Lexington at 7PM!  I’m super pumped to host this and invite you to come and enjoy some thoughtful, faith-filled music with me. Perhaps you will hear a song that will encourage you as Zach’s songs have encouraged our family.


Get tickets ($10) HERE

Visit the Facebook event page HERE


Sylvie and Lexington’s Dana Vogel will open up the show. Listen to their tunes on this Spotify playlist!


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