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KY Governor Encourages Home Church to Combat Coronavirus?

The gates of Hell cannot prevail against the Church, but it would seem that the Coronavirus may be able to stop many “church services” in the coming weeks. Solution? The Kentucky governor suggests home church this weekend… I never thought I’d see the government encouraging house church but there it is.

” We have a lot of opportunities for virtual services.  I know those out there that would otherwise go (to church) have the opportunity to get out that Bible or whatever it is of their faith that gives them guidance and ensure that they have that time with their family this weekend in their own home where they can practice their faith and worship.” – Gov. Andy Beshear

What do you say Kentucky?  Take a weekend to “get out your Bible” and share it with your family in your own home where you “can practice your faith and worship?”   Here are some meeting ideas should you decide to give it a go!

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1 thought on “KY Governor Encourages Home Church to Combat Coronavirus?”

  1. The coronavirus may do for legacy churches what some of us were expecting taxation of church properties to do: purify the Body of Christ and reveal her as a spotless bride.
    Taxes would curtail many religious functions and force those who believe in Jesus to fully commit to their faith.
    We do not look for actions against the Church, but when that began in Jerusalem, the Church went everywhere telling everyone about Jesus.
    Imagine a Church that meets their neighbors and tells them why we are not afraid of viruses, taxes, or even death! He lives. And so will we! 🙂🙏

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