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Simple Church Introduction Workshop

Saturday, March 27 / 9-11AM / 3060 Harrodsburg Road, Lexington, KY (First Southern National Bank 2nd Floor) / Free Breakfast provided.

Covid-19 is teaching us many lessons about the modern faith community experience. Many sense that our experience of “church” will need to change if we are to learn from the realities that Covid-19 has exposed. Join us as we re-consider the New Testament church, discuss possible lessons we can learn going forward and how Jesus and his church can be experienced in simpler ways that can meet the challenges of a post Covid-19 world!

During this workshop you will:

*  Meet others who are simple/house church practitioners
* Get answers to your questions about simple/house church
* Understand the basics regarding the “Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How?” questions surrounding simple/house church.
* Learn practical steps you can take toward discovering church among your friends and family.

Gavin Duerson and Kaleb Phillips will facilitate this brief introduction workshop. For the past ten years, they have experienced first hand how God can use ordinary individuals and families to give birth to beautiful church families that meet simply around the dinner table. While not void of challenges (which they can share) they nonetheless have seen God transform lives through the relationships that God has fostered in these communities.

The workshop is free and breakfast will be provided. There will be limited space due ot covid protocols. We hope you can join us!

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