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Skate Church Hosts Skate Camp For 13th Year

This week, the “skate church” community will partner with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes to host skate camp for local skaters for the 13th year!  Skate church has taken on many different forms over the years, as all simple churches tend to eb and flow as people move and life circumstances change.  The annual skate camp serves as an anchor of sorts for skate church and we are excited for what God will again in the lives of the students and adults serving this week. Join us in praying for long lasting kingdom impact on the skate community here across the region!

In addition, Will you pray for the Gavin, Gideon, Leandre, Luke, and Brett as they head to West Virginia this week to share Christ with skaters from the Central Kentucky Area?

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In addition, the Roberts family (who led skate church here for many years here in Lexington) will be embarking on the adventure of starting a simple church in Fort Myers, Florida.  Please pray for them as they follow God’s leading.  The Roberts family moved there several years ago to serve with Ride Nature, an action sports ministry that helps skaters serve Christ across the globe.  I am a new board member for this ministry and I am excited to help them shape a church planting strategy in places across the globe where they are seeing skate ministry flourish.  Recently Ride Nature released this video featuring a mission trip to Spain.  You can see Josh a bit in this video as well as Brice Benifield who lives in Lexington and has helped plan his year’s skate camp.

To The Ends: Spain

2022 Skate Campers…

2022 Skate Campers

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