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2017 Year End Letter

Friends, Several years ago I had the picture in my mind of a harbor filled with families working to load up their belongings and family members into a multitude of sailboats. They each were getting in position to leave. They were not coming back. Each boat was filled with their family and friends and they were setting out on an incredible journey–a journey that no doubt would be filled with hardship and adventure, challenges and exploration of the unknown. Boats were loaded and friends and family were in place as they raised the sails. There was a slight breeze that… Read More »2017 Year End Letter

Simple Church Conference – Retreat 2017

Connect with and learn alongside simple/house/organic church practitioners from around the region at this year’s simple church conference/retreat. This year, we welcome Lee and Stacy Wood from Tampa, FL. Lee and Stacy have seen God birth over a hundred house churches throughout the Tampa area in the last several years as Jesus’s followers have been empowered and encouraged to be the Church in their neighborhoods, workplaces and areas of influence. We encourage you to bring the whole family this year and enjoy a time together of refreshment and encouragement around the campfire, on a hike through the Jessamine Gorge, and… Read More »Simple Church Conference – Retreat 2017

2017 Thoughts

2017 Thoughts By Gavin Duerson As we begin this new year, I am as convinced as ever that the Lord will continue to grow the network of simple church-minded folks and even grow new networks all around us!  To be sure, it’s not about growth for the sake of growth, but about seeing more and more people connected to Jesus and His family!  Because I believe that Jesus and His Church is the only real hope of this world, I long for as many people as possible to find Him and the Spirit-filled life that He longs for us all… Read More »2017 Thoughts