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Fall Network Gatherings

Usually in the fall we host a network celebration gathering for all the simple churches to come together. This fall, we are going to do it a bit different… we will have three! The Wheelers would like to welcome everyone throughout this loose knit network of simple churches to join them and friends for food fellowship and prayer on the following Sunday evenings this fall. Sunday, September 28 Sunday, October 19 Sunday, November 9 Eat 6-7 Pray/Worship 7-8 If you have not been before, the Wheelers have a great place in the country for kids of all ages to play,… Read More »Fall Network Gatherings

July 17 – Simple Church Training @ Duerson’s

Simple Church Alliance’s monthly training opportunity! This month we are going to meet at the Duerson’s house!  Please join others from the region interested in leading simple church ministries in their neighborhoods and areas of influence.  We will enjoy some pizza together, fellowship, prayer, and encouragement.  Please bring your questions, praises, and insights to bless others.  In addition, we will be discussing some opportunities that are coming our way in the coming months.  We will look forward to having you join us and please feel free to bring a friend with you.  It is helpful if you can RSVP by… Read More »July 17 – Simple Church Training @ Duerson’s

What Do We Do At A Simple Church Gathering (Video Part 2)

In this video Erik addresses the question of how a simple church can be formed and what the church does at a simple church gathering.   He has some very practical ideas and as you can see it is simple.  I love his last point about praying that God would show you pockets of people who are “culturally averse to the American way of doing church” and being available to see a seed church formed.