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Great Commission

Baptism Anyone?

A couple of weeks ago, the Farrell family in our simple church experienced the joy of baptizing their daughter Tori during our Sunday fellowship time. They used this tub (pictured) that we have available. That’s right…a good ole Kentucky baptism in a cattle trough! The thought occurred to me that there may be someone who wonders… Can I baptize someone? How would I go about hosting a baptism? Even though I do not presently participate in a church, could I be baptized? I would love to help you explore these and any other questions you have may have about baptism!… Read More »Baptism Anyone?

Every “Christian” Couple Should Talk About This

As my wife Karla and I have had the opportunity for informal premarital counseling experiences with several young couples, our own marriage has been strengthened as we have helped guide others through the process of answering some important questions: “Where will we live?”  “How will we raise our children?”  “How will we handle our finances?”   I believe that a continual open dialogue about these questions and others are essential for the unity of husband and wife as well as enjoyment of the marriage relationship.  For Christians, however, there is one question that precedes all of these important marriage questions. … Read More »Every “Christian” Couple Should Talk About This

Curtain Call (Song)

In my last post I shared a song with you from my friend John Hatfield that dealt with “going.”  I find that the difficult part about going is leaving.  Last year, when I left my position with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes it was very difficult.  I love FCA and all the people that I worked with are in many ways like family.  While I continue to remain involved, there is no denying that “going” has changed my relationships a great deal with the people I served with.  This was the hardest part about going in a new direction that… Read More »Curtain Call (Song)