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simple church network

“Spring Fever!” Sunday March 2nd!

Do you have spring fever?  If so, join together with simple church friends and family across the network and beyond for a few hours of games, crafts, snacks, and fun!  You don’t need to bring anything but your energy.  Who knows exactly what we will get into?  Basketball? Kickball? Dodge-ball? Volleyball? Board games?  We will have the gym and dinning room reserved at First Alliance (2201 Old Higbee Mill Road, Lexington, KY) for all of us to come together and burn off some energy and fellowship with one another!  Hope you can come and bring a friend!  If possible, please… Read More »“Spring Fever!” Sunday March 2nd!

End of Summer Celebration – Aug. 19

This is a time for fellowship, worship, encouragement, and sharing a meal with others on a similar path. We hope that you can join us as we come together and remind one another that not alone in the journey with Christ outside what many would consider the traditional church route.

Get The Picture?

At a recent simple church training, we discussed the importance of clearly communicating the values and vision of simple church. We challenged the leaders from each simple church to visualize simple church alliance. Below are a few of the images. How would you visualize simple church multiplication?

What is Simple Church?

This would be a great place to start if you have come to this blog in an attempt to figure out what in the world is going on at First Alliance with regards to the formation of a “simple church network.”

a simple church network visualized

Below is a short power point presentation we used at the “preview lunch” last Sunday to try and paint a picture of how we see this “simple church network” developing.  Perhaps the one thing that this presentation does not reflect is the geographic nature of the “simple church” communities.  We expect that many of them will develop along geographic lines, although it is also highly probable that some will develop more along relational lines that may not necessarily be geographic in nature.  For example, as members “express” their faith and live out the Great Commission, it might be that those… Read More »a simple church network visualized

On similar paths

Often I get the question, “Are there any other churches doing this?” when explaining the idea of a “simple church network.”  While we know that many Christians outside of North America experience church differently than our traditional Sunday service-centered church, consider the following findings of the Barna Group that may be surprising: The most prolific response (in nationwide studies concerning house church involvement) comes when adults are asked if they have “experienced God or expressed (their) faith in God in a house church or simple church meeting in the past month,” regardless of whether it is affiliated with some other… Read More »On similar paths