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What In The World Are We Doing?

Sometimes in simple church, this question can be heard echoing in the back of our brain. Sometimes the question is an accusation from the enemy (that we are really doing nothing of significance with our lives or that whatever we are doing is wrong). However, sincerely spoken it can be a powerful prayer… “God…what are we doing?… What are You doing and how do You want to involve me?”

This Saturday, we will sincerely ask the Lord this question. What are we to be doing? With whom? Why? How? Simple church, while simple in form, is not easy. We believe that there is no better way we could spend a day than to pause and revisit these questions with our Leader, Jesus. For only He has the answers and we believe He wants to make Himself known!

I hope you will join us! It is our prayer that every simple church in the area be represented for this once-a-year opportunity. It’s still not too late to sign up!


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