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2024 Simple Church Retreat Oct 19-20

Come to Stanford, Kentucky’s second oldest town this year to connect with and learn alongside simple/house/organic church practitioners from around the region at the 2024 Simple Church Retreat/Conference October 19-20!

Since 2012, we have hosted an annual overnight opportunity for Christians asking similar questions to come together for a time of equipping and encouragement—questions like:

  • What is a church really and how simple can it be?
  • What are the challenges we would need to overcome in order to be a part of a simple/house church?
  • Am I even allowed to start a house church and if so how does that happen?
  • What are the joys and victories people are experiencing in simple/house church communities?
  • How does simple church fit into the bigger picture of what God is doing?

If you have questions like these or other similar ones, we know you will be encouraged by this unique opportunity! Join us for this brief but focused time together, and you will be refreshed and stimulated in your faith as we enjoy times of worship, teaching and prayer.  Most of all, you will be blessed to make friends with others who are exploring following Jesus outside the box!


For More Details and To Register Today Online Click Here.


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