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Gavin Duerson

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“Have you heard about what is going on with Francis Chan?”

What’s Next for Francis Chan? A Conversation with Mark Driscoll and Joshua Harris.  (click to watch video) This past Sunday I had a conversation with a lady who, after hearing about the vision for the new work God has placed in me, asked me if I “had heard about what was going on with Francis Chan?”  I once listened to a message that Francis Chan preached and I am familiar with his “Just Stop and Think” video but I have not read his book “Crazy Love” or any other book of his for that matter.  I was intrigued by the… Read More »“Have you heard about what is going on with Francis Chan?”


Hello!  It’s been a while since I last logged in here.  I’ve finished up my stint with FCA and I’m currently on vacation.  I wanted to just shoot you a couple of “updates” that may be of interest to you: “New Church” Orientation / September 26 – October 31 / 10:45PM Lower Auditorium / First Alliance Church Starting on September 26, we will begin walking through the “DNA” of the new work that we are going to be a apart of.  This will orientation will run for six weeks with each week covering a different aspect of of the new… Read More »Update

A “new” kind of church…

I love satire.  I think think satire has a way of making you laugh and think at the same time.  “Why is this so funny?” is usually what videos like this end up making you ask yourself.  So… why is this so funny? [youtube=]

A Country Ham and A Skateboard (Message)

You can download my sermon entitled “A Country Ham and A Skateboard” from First Alliance last Sunday.  This sermon addresses some key principles for all believers and especially those of us who will will take part in the “new church.” Update:  This message gets into the story of how skate church began in Lexington, Kentucky and how some of the reasoning behind it.  

Discipleship Happens In Small Community

Discipleship Happens in Small Community. This is another “starting point” for me.  For the longest time, I thought that to “go and make disciples” necessitated entering into a teacher/student relationship in which I was primarily educating my  pupil (or being educated) about what it means to follow Jesus via a Bible study or a discipleship curriculum.  While this is a way of fulfilling the Great Commission, I have recently realized that it’s not the only way that God makes us into His disciples.   In fact, I have concluded that small community has been the driving force of discipleship in… Read More »Discipleship Happens In Small Community

Where to Begin?

Do you every look at an enormous building or structure and wonder what the person in charge thought about his or her first day on the job?  I often imagine a funny scenario where the person walks onto the bare job site, takes out his or her tape measure, takes a measurement, and immediately tells someone to, “start digging here!”  Of course the reality is that it’s months and sometimes years before digging begins (I was a civil engineer major for one semester after all!)  Construction begins only after the end result has been planned. As I begin the task… Read More »Where to Begin?

Faith in the Midst of Change!

Hello and welcome to the new blog! “Faith in the midst of change” is the theme in the Duerson household as of late.  In the coming weeks we will be involved with three FCA camps, Beau Vincent Duerson will join our family, and I will be leaving my position as Area Director with FCA and joining the staff of First Alliance Church (my church) as a church planter.  

I have enjoyed and been blessed to serve God through FCA over the past 11 years.  While not as a paid employee, I fully intend to continue serving through FCA–as a volunteer… Read More »Faith in the Midst of Change!