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Simple Church Alliance Blog

What Do We Mean By “Simple Church?”

I would like to share with you a simple answer to this question from the good folks at  House2House is a great site with lots of great resources for simple church folks and it also provides a national directory of simple chruches.  You might enjoy reading the quote below directly from their website. (from What do we mean by ‘simple church?’ Some call them house churches. Some call them organic churches. Some call them simple churches. We prefer to just call them churches. They are rapidly multiplying, simple communities of believers, meeting in homes, offices, campuses, wherever God… Read More »What Do We Mean By “Simple Church?”

Core Values Lived Out – The Kind Of Leader We Hope To Be

What does it look like for a simple church leader to live out the core values identified by the Simple Church Alliance?  Here are some thoughts (WARNING:  Think of the picture painted below as a picture of who God is calling us to be as leaders–not a picture of where we are now or where you need to be to start leading a simple church.  I’m not sure I know anyone who fits this description perfectly) Community – When a simple church leaders think of their “church family” they think of their simple church community.  They focus on a few… Read More »Core Values Lived Out – The Kind Of Leader We Hope To Be

Ozymandias by Shelley

Matt Wheeler (one of the simple church leaders) and I had a great conversation about this poem recently and I thought it would be great to post here.  Thanks Matt for sharing this with me!  I had never read it before. Ozymandias By Percy Bysshe Shelley I met a traveller from an antique land Who said: “Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand, Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command Tell that its sculptor well those passions read Which yet survive, stamped… Read More »Ozymandias by Shelley

The Difference Between A Missional Community and A Simple Church

In the last few years I have been exposed to all types of new terms related to churches and small groups.  One such term is “missional community.”  There seems to be a push in the western church to think of small group ministry not as bible studies, fellowship groups, “life” groups, etc. but as missional communities.  As I have read literature and spoken with those involved in the missional community movement, I have wondered what the difference is between a missional community and a simple church.  It seems that a simple church should be a missional community.  However it also… Read More »The Difference Between A Missional Community and A Simple Church

When to multiply?

I thought this excerpt from the book The Rabbit and The Elephant by Tony and Felicity Dale was helpful when addressing the question of, “When and how should our simple church multiply?”  I think it also speaks to how someone (I’d recommend a couple of believing families) might possibly start a simple church…   How do we multiply our church? The first church we started grew to more than fifty before we split it down the middle into two groups. For a year after that, people told us that the split felt like a divorce. Because of this, we no… Read More »When to multiply?

A Roaring Lion

I had a great opportunity today to speak to 100 or so basketball campers at Asbury University. Even more, this afternoon I have had the privilege of speaking with the parents of sixteen campers and share with them that their child responded to the Gospel message.  Certainly we cannot know exactly what God is doing in the hearts and minds of these sixteen young men and women, but I have to believe that it pleases God anytime someone says “Yes!” to Jesus with child-like faith in front of their peers!  Will you join me in praying for these campers and… Read More »A Roaring Lion

Mission Possible? (Audio)

This past Sunday I had the privileged to speak during both services at First Alliance (Lexington, KY).  The message I shared was in many ways a summary of the main truths that God has shown me so far in the simple church journey. Click the link below to download to your computer or listen online to the message.  The audio quality is not the best but hopefully it will be a blessing to you… Click to Download:  Mission Possible:  Six Truths That Will Make the Mission Possible Message Points: 1.  It’s Mission Not Missions 2. God Desires To Release the… Read More »Mission Possible? (Audio)

Charles Spurgeon On Simple Church?

I have to think Alan Knox for first bringing this excerpt to my attention.  Alan’s blog is found here and is very insightful. These are excerpts from Charles H. Spurgeon’s sermon entitled “Building the Church” (or “Additions to the Church”) concerning Acts 2 which he gave on April 5, 1874. I want you to notice this, that they were breaking bread from house to house, and ate their food with gladness and singleness of heart. They did not think that religion was meant only for Sundays, and for what men now-a-days call the House of God. Their own houses were… Read More »Charles Spurgeon On Simple Church?

Simple Church Alliance Video

This is the short video that I put together for last weeks Sunday Service at First Alliance.  Hopefully someday soon we’ll be able to put together something more in-depth, but for now I think that this does give a good peek into what a simple church gathering can look like.   [youtube=]