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Tool: LTG Bookmark

Recently I put together a simple printout that you can use as a bookmark in Life Transformation Groups (LTGs).  On this bookmark, I have put some questions and symbols that we have used to train others in discovery Bible study as well as some questions intended to foster authentic disciple-making friendships as well as a few prayer ideas for praying for friends found in Neil Cole’s LTG resources.  This tool will be best understood if you take a second to learn more about Life Transformation Groups and how they can be a helpful way of thinking about making disciples.  Check out… Read More »Tool: LTG Bookmark

2016 Simple Church Conference / Sept 10-11

  2016 Simple Church Conference Prayer for multiplication.  In our fifth year of hosting this conference, we want to have a prayer focus–specifically praying for multiplication of disciples.  One of the characteristics of church planting movements across this globe is “abundant prayer.”  This year we will discuss the essential role of prayer in simple church and disciple making ministry and we will also spend time… you guessed it…  praying!  Together we hope to hear from the Lord in prayer about our relationship with Him and our  role in making disciples of all the nations–beginning with our neighbors.  Certainly we could spend a… Read More »2016 Simple Church Conference / Sept 10-11

Simple Church Experience – Intro Jan 21

Starting January 21st and continuing on the third wednesday of each month throughout 2015, we will begin hosting the Simple Church Experience. The Simple Church Experience will be an opportunity for you and a friend to take part in doing the things that disciple-makers do. Week 1 // Introduction // 6-8pm First Southern National Bank, Lexington // dinner provided. Our first week will be an introduction to the year and we will shape the experiential training times together.  What 10 activities would be helpful for every disciple of Jesus to have experience doing?  This will be the focus of our… Read More »Simple Church Experience – Intro Jan 21