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Support Simple Church Alliance

Friends, I cannot thank you enough for supporting our family and the ministry of simple church.  A gift to Simple Church Alliance allows me to serve in the role I do and it has enabled me to navigate a very tumultuous time for our family these past two years as we have been in and out of the hospital with Wylie. Thanks to all who have supported us in this special way.  We are eternally grateful. The past year has been a challenging but wonderful year and we could not be more grateful to still be here after ten years… Read More »Support Simple Church Alliance

A Note From Gavin 12.3.20

So one of my all-time favorite posts here on this blog is this one because it makes light of the obvious guilt aspect of this week’s “Giving Tuesday” social media campaign that comes directly after a weekend of binge buying by many consumers. With that being said, “Giving Tuesday” can serve as a great reminder of the importance of generosity. This past weekend during our simple church gathering I was reminded again of the incredible gratitude that our family has for receiving so many generous gifts.  Even this past week I shared in our family newsletter a prayer request concerning some medical… Read More »A Note From Gavin 12.3.20

A Note From Gavin

Words can’t express the gratitude my family and I have for all the support we have received this year. Our hearts are full of love for so many of you who have reached out as we have faced the challenges associated with our wonderful daughter Wylie! Personally, this been the most difficult year of my life, but also one of the most rewarding as we have seen countless miracles of healing and of generosity! 2020 VISION As we look into 2020 much is uncertain. That is true for all of us. But many things are certain. Jesus is still King.… Read More »A Note From Gavin

Duerson Family Year End Update! (by Karla Duerson)

  Dear Family and Friends, This year has been an amazing one for us. In February, our friends called us to see if we’d like to buy the house they had been renting to another family for the previous seven years. It is a house that I’d always admired for its living space and placement on our street. On Valentine’s Day, our friend showed Gavin and me through the home. We took a walk around the block afterwards and decided, with excitement, that we would love to make the house our home. We made our best offer and they accepted!… Read More »Duerson Family Year End Update! (by Karla Duerson)

Simple Church Tithe?

Recently, a blog post by John Piper about tithing the local church caught my attention for two reasons. First, John Piper stated that he would never say “you must give your tithe to my church.” I affirm this in regard to simple church and I appreciate this statement from one of the nation’s leaders in the legacy church.  Indeed, Piper points out in this article that the Bible offers no justification for a mandated 10% tithe to a local congregation. Secondly, his comments about giving to the local church highlight one of the blessings, if not advantages, of giving in a simple church:… Read More »Simple Church Tithe?

Giving and 1 Corinthians 9

By Jeff Heron  Giving is a great blessing that we can be a part of. As our Master promised long ago, and still affirms in our hearts and experiences to this day, the measure we use in giving out is the same measure that will be used in our receiving in. Giving is just one aspect of living out of sacrificial love, the love we first witnessed in Jesus’ love for us and the love that now empowers us and is the very source of our life. Despite these plain truths, the topic of giving, especially financial giving to a… Read More »Giving and 1 Corinthians 9

Central KY Updates – The Week Ahead

Hello, Friends! We have a big week ahead filled with lots of opportunities! Wednesday: Simple Church “Experience” Training at our office at FSNB (3060 Harrodsburg Road). 6-8PM. Pizza provided. Children welcome. Come meet with others leading or preparing to lead simple churches. Park in back of bank and come up the stairs. If you can, please RSVP by emailing us here. **Sunday: Fall Network Gathering @ Raven’s Run Nature Sanctuary – 10AM. Please bring a picnic lunch. We will start at 10am with a time of prayer, worship, and encouragement. Then we will enjoy a picnic together with our extended… Read More »Central KY Updates – The Week Ahead

July 15 Leadership Gathering – from Toby Jenkins

On the third Wednesday of every month we get together for a hands-on leadership training “experience.”  This month, several of the leaders and I will host a discussion on the the financial support for Simple Church Alliance instead.  We will return to the usual training next month, but on July 15 we will pause for this important discussion. What does giving look like in simple church and specifically how are the Duersons supported for their leadership in the region?  What exactly does a gift to Simple Church Alliance support?  What is the current financial picture? We want to have an… Read More »July 15 Leadership Gathering – from Toby Jenkins

Thoughts on Giving (Guest Blog)

Thoughts on Giving, by Matt Wheeler I am excited about giving.  Don’t get me wrong, I can be as tight-fisted as anyone and have a long way to go, but this is one area that God has really blessed my family and me.  My wife Kristy and I were blessed to be trained by Gary Montgomery and others on living with a Biblical view of possessions and have participated in and lead a couple of small groups on this topic.  Did you know that there are over 2,300 verses on money and possessions?  The Bible talks about bribes, borrowing, financial… Read More »Thoughts on Giving (Guest Blog)