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Neil Cole

House2House is Back

Many years ago, when I first began researching simple/house church, provide a wealth of knowledge and encouragement.  Over the past ten years, the site went through some changes and eventually disappeared.  Now it is back and fully updated and provides a ton of great resources for anyone interested in exploring simple/organic/house church. Tony and Felicity Dale, the founders of House2House, have been a tremendous encouragement to us and we have really benefited from their leadership along with Neil Cole who is also featured in the Video Training Series they have included on their site.  Both the Dales and Neil… Read More »House2House is Back

Recommended Readings (Updated)

Looking for a good book to read this summer? Perhaps you might enjoy one of the books from the recommended readings list? This list includes several books that the Lord has used to help me see come to the scriptures with fresh eyes and better understanding His desire for The Church and discipleship.

Tool: LTG Bookmark

Recently I put together a simple printout that you can use as a bookmark in Life Transformation Groups (LTGs).  On this bookmark, I have put some questions and symbols that we have used to train others in discovery Bible study as well as some questions intended to foster authentic disciple-making friendships as well as a few prayer ideas for praying for friends found in Neil Cole’s LTG resources.  This tool will be best understood if you take a second to learn more about Life Transformation Groups and how they can be a helpful way of thinking about making disciples.  Check out… Read More »Tool: LTG Bookmark

Trying To Figure Out “Church?” Try this…

Neil Cole over at his Coleslaw blog recently wrote a post entitled “Jesus’ View of The Church.”  I thought that Neil had a great idea for anyone or any group trying to figure out what church should look like.  Spoiler Alert… this was the very last part of the post. Here’s a closing suggestion: Take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle creating two columns. On the left write: “Who is Jesus?” and write down all the things you know about him (descriptions, names, powers). On the right side write: “Difference this should make in the… Read More »Trying To Figure Out “Church?” Try this…

LTG – Just Do It! (Guest Blog by Marian Toth)

Last month, I attended the Simple Church Conference lead by Neil Cole. I have read books and articles written by Neil but I really enjoyed the teaching on Life Transformation Groups (LTG). During this time, the Lord began to speak to me about seeking a person with whom to experience an LTG. I began to ask Him for wisdom about a person to ask. After praying for several days, God placed a woman on my heart.   Sherry is a lady that I have met before, but do not know well.  At first I did not know if I wanted… Read More »LTG – Just Do It! (Guest Blog by Marian Toth)

2013 Simple Church Conference Audio Available!

Hello friends! I’m still pumped from the 2013 Simple Church Conference and our first ever local church leaders breakfast!  It was really wonderful to have Neil Cole with us and I can’t say enough how much I appreciate his example of genuine servant leadership and teaching about Jesus. If you missed the conference then we have good news!  Below is a link to our conference page and we have uploaded all the talks and testimonies as well as a few of the video illustrations that he used. You can stream or download the entire conference! Also, the second Wednesday… Read More »2013 Simple Church Conference Audio Available!

Organic Gardening Principles

I can’t remember exactly where I got this list, but I believe it was from the CMA Greenhouse Training: Principles of Organic Gardening:   1. The key for growth in the farm or garden is in the health of the soil.   2. Organic farmers remove hindrances to healthy growth from the soil.   3. In an organic garden, a variety of plants and crops grow up together.   4. Organic gardeners don’t add chemicals that are not in their natural form.   5. Chemical nutrients may be added when they are considered a natural supplement to the soil  … Read More »Organic Gardening Principles

Mega House Church (Rap)

Most of my life I have enjoyed satire.  Satire will often seek to approve of or accept as normal ideas that the satirist is actually seeking to attack.  Such is the case in this goofy song that applies attractional, hierarchical, personality driven, pulpit centered, church growth, clergy/laity ideas to simple/house/organic church ministry.

The Word of Christ

Colossians 3:16 Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God. Does the word of Christ dwell richly in you?  This was the question I posed to those attending the Summer Celebration Gathering a few weeks ago.  For simple church to work, the bar for discipleship truly has to be raised.  We cannot simply lower the bar for having church gatherings.  Everyone has to be disciples and making disciples simultaneously.  I’ve thought about this… Read More »The Word of Christ

Lessons From The Fields

Neil Cole recently posted an excerpt from the book Organic Church describing what he would do differently if he planted a church today knowing now all that he has learned over the years.  Since in simple church we urge everyone to think of themselves as a potential church planter, I thought that it would be good to point you to these very important lessons. Read the entire article with explanations HERE 1. Begin in the Harvest and Start Small. 2. Allow God to Build Around Others 3. Empower Others from the Start 4. Let Scripture Lead Not Your Assumptions 5.… Read More »Lessons From The Fields