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Communion Lessons: Childlike Humility

By Karla Duerson Gavin asked today, “In what way does God want me to be more childlike in my humility?” referring to Matthew 18:2-4 from the Bible.  Nothing personal came to mind at first.  Then later when I was cleaning up from our Simple Church gathering, something came. It was a new thought based on a familiar dilemma.  Normally, after everyone leaves I busily and easily put all the dishes in the washer, scrape the leftovers into the garbage disposal, put the toys in the bin, place books on the shelf, but then I come to the elements.  I go… Read More »Communion Lessons: Childlike Humility

How Would You Answer?

“I really want to start following Jesus…what should I do?”  If a friend asked you this question today, how would you respond?  For me this scenario highlights the “church” paradigm shift that has transpired in my life and touches on a key reason why I believe so strongly in the simple church journey. For most of my life, I have thought the appropriate response to a disciple would look a little like this checklist: –“Find a good church”–maybe mine, maybe another if it would be a better fit. –Set up a meeting with the pastor of the church to talk… Read More »How Would You Answer?

Mega House Church (Rap)

Most of my life I have enjoyed satire.  Satire will often seek to approve of or accept as normal ideas that the satirist is actually seeking to attack.  Such is the case in this goofy song that applies attractional, hierarchical, personality driven, pulpit centered, church growth, clergy/laity ideas to simple/house/organic church ministry.

711 Summer Camp for Boys and Girls

Simple Church Alliance @ 7-11 Camp – July 7-12 I wanted to let folks know that we have a reserved a spot at 7/11 Camp this summer for Simple Church Alliance! 7/11 Camp, in my opinion, is one of the best run camps for boys and girls ages 7-11 in the region.  Guy has attended for two summer sessions.  He really enjoyed his experiences.  This year we are looking forward to Emma joining him.  The camp is modeled after Kanakuk camps and is filled with adventure and small group Bible discussions.  Having run camps for 11 years with FCA, I’m… Read More »711 Summer Camp for Boys and Girls

Fall Celebration – Oct 21st

This fall, join others involved in simple/organic/house church ministry as we come together to worship our savior around a campfire at Bluegrass Christian Camp!  On October 21 at 5pm, the Simple Church Alliance will host a celebration gathering with a fall flavor.  Come out to the Bluegrass Christian Camp and enjoy fellowship, hiking, roasting marshmallows, playing outdoor games and a time of worship around the campfire with others involved in organic church ministry from the region.  Everyone is welcome!  Bring a friend and let’s be encouraged by all that God is doing throughout the city and beyond! We ask each… Read More »Fall Celebration – Oct 21st

Accepted By Christ

By Karla Duerson: A theme emerges as of late and I am compelled to write a note of it to you all—my church family.  Here are the threads: –At a party with a conversation about acceptance and being liked… –A gathering around the Advent wreath reading these words by Ann Voscamp sparked by Ruth and Naomi’s relationship, “When God is our God, we take His people as our people, and we take a vow of forever love and loyalty…” –English Grammar instruction with Guy discussing “The Quarrel” in which body parts cease their work after fighting over whose function was… Read More »Accepted By Christ