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A Round Table Discussion – Aug 29

This year’s simple church conference (August 29-30) with Tony and Felicity Dale will kick off Saturday morning with a special  community-wide roundtable discussion/continental breakfast on gender hierarchy in the Church.  This, and other related topics are discussed in Felicity Dale’s new book The Black Swan Effect.  We feel that sorting through this issue is not only critical to those involved with the simple/organic church movement, but also for the entire body of Christ.  We hope that you (both men and women) will consider joining us for this very important discussion.  Find out more about this fascinating topic, Felicity book (sample… Read More »A Round Table Discussion – Aug 29

Guest Blog by Kaity Wilson

On May 15th just a couple weeks ago I had the privilege of hosting the women of simple church in my apartment for a creative worship night. It was such a blessing to have our community of women of all generations, from age 8 and up, gathered in the presence of our Father to seek Him and to express ourselves in creative worship. It was at last year’s Simple Church Conference that my heart was set ablaze with a yearning to have more quality time with the women who make up Simple Church, but God had not shown me how… Read More »Guest Blog by Kaity Wilson

Ladies Only Simple Church Training This Thursday

This Month (AUGUST): Ladies Only Simple Church Training! Each month, we invite you to join a growing group of people leading simple churches as well as those preparing to lead simple church ministries for a time of fellowship, encouragement and training! Each month we will discuss issues related to simple church ministry and offer an opportunity for you to share struggles, questions, and even victories from the journey. This month, we thought it would be good to provide a special training time just for the ladies involved in this work!  Come and join other women involved in simple church ministry… Read More »Ladies Only Simple Church Training This Thursday

Women’s Retreat

From Karla Duerson: Women’s Retreat! Feb 24 Friday – Feb 25 Saturday 6:30 – 4:30 pm (EST) Bluegrass Christian Camp Athens Boonesboro, Lexington, KY, 40509 ———————————————— Maybe we will be having our own women’s retreat one of these days. I hope we do! In the meantime, I did want to invite you all to go to the FAC one at Bluegrass Christian Camp. I am signed up to attend. If there are some who want to go from our group, we are invited to stay at the Jirak’s home so we can make it “our own.” (The overnight accommodations at… Read More »Women’s Retreat