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Posts that include videos related to simple church. A great place to start if you are seeking to learn more!

Child Driven Education – A Lesson for The Church?

I recently posted about Sergio Juárez Correa, a teacher in Mexico, and his “radical new teaching method” that is having an amazing impact on his students.  After discussing this post with some of my friends, I was encouraged to go online and listen to some of the TED talks by Sugata Mitra, the gentleman who inspired Sergio to adopt his new methods of teaching.   I have posted one of Sugata’s TED talks below. I believe that what Sugata is onto has great implications for the western church.  As you view this short teaching, ask yourself the following questions: * Has God… Read More »Child Driven Education – A Lesson for The Church?

Creative Simple Church Planting Training Recap

Each month we invite folks to come together to join in a discussion about issues relevant to simple church leadership.  This month, Uday Balasundaram facilated our time together.  Over the last several months, Uday and I realized that we share a similar passion for missional living, discipleship, and simple church–even though we use different words to describe it.  Uday did a wonderful job of challenging us all to think about how we, as believers, are called to “mix” with the world around us and to join God in the creative process of birthing new life in the culture in which… Read More »Creative Simple Church Planting Training Recap

Verizon Shows Us Relational Multiplication

Hey Gavin, have you seen this commercial? I like it because it visually shows how the body of Christ is meant to reproduce. Individually, we can all reproduce ourselves and make disciples. If you notice in the commercial, these people are just going about their business, hanging out with one another. Then BAM! They reproduce. Two becomes four. Four becomes eight. Eight becomes sixteen. Soon there are hundreds in the commercial. It is also a good visual example of how simple churches can reproduce themselves. No programs. No systems. Just natural. It is a strong image. I recently received this… Read More »Verizon Shows Us Relational Multiplication

Tidal Wave (Video)

This video is one of the more thorough introductions to simple church available.   If you are considering simple/house/organic church or trying to gain a better understanding of the world-wide movement the God is currently initiating then this video is for you:

Like A Might Wave: Church Planting Movements (Video)

Below is a link to a video produced by the Southern Baptists explaining church planting movements (CPMs). Essentially, this video lays out why we believe that simple church is in fact a response to what God is doing throughout the world (and yes, here in the USA) rather than a reaction to traditional church structures. We pray that by God’s grace the ten common characteristics identified in CPMs around the world, as highlighted at the end of this video, would also exist throughout the simple churches in our region. May we see something like a “mighty wave” of God move… Read More »Like A Might Wave: Church Planting Movements (Video)

Making The Call – Part 2 (Video)

One of the greatest truths I’ve been able to learn over the years is that it is impossible to “loose” when you seek to share your faith with someone out of love. Recently I came across one of the most powerful videos I’ve seen with regards to witnessing.  This video is a great encouragement to every believer to not be afraid to share truth in love with everyone—even famous celebrity atheists! I would like to encourage you to take a few minutes and listen to the comments of the famous comedian/illusionist and outspoken atheist Penn Gillette concerning an encounter he… Read More »Making The Call – Part 2 (Video)

Moralism vs. Christ

Just moments ago, I had a great conversation with a gentleman from our simple church.  We discussed a topic that I brought up last Sunday during our gathering.  I mentioned the word “moralism” and I talked about it in a negative light (HERE is the link to the short devotion by Oswald Chambers that kicked off the conversation).  In one sense, being moral is certainly a good thing.  However, I seemed to suggest that moralism was not a good thing.  I think that reading the devotion above will help to clarify, but allow me to add a few other thoughts… Read More »Moralism vs. Christ

What Is A Disciple And How Do We Make Them? (Part 2)

This past Sunday I took the opportunity when speaking at First Alliance Church and the Simple Church Fall Celebration to answer two crucial questions that any follower of Jesus would do well to answer. The questions, which I addressed previously here, are:  1)What is a Disciple? 2)How do we make disciples? You can listen to the message entitled The Dirty D Word: D#$%@!&*%@! in your browser by  CLICKING HERE You can download the message entitled The Dirty D Word: D#$%@!&*%@! in mp3 format by CLICKING HERE In the message I define a disciple as someone who loves Jesus, hears Jesus, and… Read More »What Is A Disciple And How Do We Make Them? (Part 2)