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1.19.11 Update

Well the ball is rolling! It has been a great blessing to hear from many of you about Sunday. I know that God is doing some great things in our group and I can’t wait for everyone to be as encouraged as I have been from all the stories from the different simple churches. This Sunday morning during the network gathering (10:45 at FAC), we’ll have ample time for this. God is definitely doing some cool stuff in our midst! I also was greatly encouraged, as I know many of you were, by my good friend Brian’s visit with us… Read More »1.19.11 Update

Core Values

Here are the “core values” that were identified in the simple church network vision class.  Over the course of the next several weeks, we will work together fleshing out these values during morning gatherings at FAC (10:45 in Dinning Room).  Together we will examine how these Biblical values impact church authority, giving, ministry to children, worship, missions, communion, and numerous other practical concerns in a simple church network.  I’ve ordered everyone one of the chairs above so that we can strengthen our core muscles while we strengthen our core values. Community: The church is a local community of believers who… Read More »Core Values

Letter to First Alliance Members

Hello First Alliance! Thank you for allowing me to brief you on the “church plant.”  By God’s grace and leading, and the blessing and encouragement of Steve Elliot and the entire FAC staff, a team from our church is planting a network of simple churches.  In a simple church network, the “front door” of the church is the home or other places where people live.  A simple church gathering involves eating, worship, teaching, prayer, missions, and accountability to one another. Larger gatherings for all the simple churches (what we call Celebration Gatherings) still occur, but are not the primary emphasis… Read More »Letter to First Alliance Members

What is Simple Church?

This would be a great place to start if you have come to this blog in an attempt to figure out what in the world is going on at First Alliance with regards to the formation of a “simple church network.”

So What Are We Going To Do When We Meet?

As we approach what I am calling the “soft launch” of a simple church network (Jan 16), questions concerning what exactly we are going to do when we meet seem to keep surfacing. Perhaps you are wondering this as well? It’s amazing how tempting it can be to try and answer this question for everyone. So far on this journey, I’ve become increasingly aware of how much we (including myself) like to have our spiritual lives dictated to us.  Just come to ____.  Just read _____.  Just do _____.  Just pray like ____.  Just worship God like _____. We like… Read More »So What Are We Going To Do When We Meet?

The Weeks Ahead

Hello Everyone! I hope you had a Merry Christmas!  Our family is heading out in just a few moments to Atlanta to visit family but before we go I wanted to drop you a short update. * This coming Sunday, we will be meeting at our home again for those who are “co-leading” a simple church (4pm – if we can all try to be here then that would be helpful since school starts Monday). * Jan 9th, Steve is going to be commissioning Karla and I in both services.  We are going to have a commissioning service for all… Read More »The Weeks Ahead

Neil Cole: Short Audio Teachings

I would encourage you to take a listen to some of these short audio teachings from Neil Cole.  You can listen to them on your computer or download them to your ipod, etc.  I think you will especially find the entry on “Starting Awakening Chapels” (4:50) to be of interest in light of the journey we are on here. VISIT AUDIO PAGE AT CMA RESOURCES HERE

Sharing the Gospel Video

Below is the video we watched in the “No More Spectators” class today at First Alliance.  The video is of Mark Cahill witnessing/sharing the Gospel at the Pride festival in Atlanta, GA.  Enjoy this facinating dialogue and feel free to post your thoughts below!  Also, you can find out more about Mark Cahill here: [youtube=]

Acountability? – A New Barna Study

Because the underlying theme of the Christian life is one of being transformed from a selfish and self-driven individual to one who lives for and surrenders control of one’s life to God, the practice of accountability for life choices and behavior is central to that process of transformation. Yet, a national survey by the Barna Group among people who describe themselves as Christian and involved in a church discovered that only 5% indicated that their church does anything to hold them accountable for integrating biblical beliefs and principles into their life… Go HERE to read the entire findings of the… Read More »Acountability? – A New Barna Study

a simple church network visualized

Below is a short power point presentation we used at the “preview lunch” last Sunday to try and paint a picture of how we see this “simple church network” developing.  Perhaps the one thing that this presentation does not reflect is the geographic nature of the “simple church” communities.  We expect that many of them will develop along geographic lines, although it is also highly probable that some will develop more along relational lines that may not necessarily be geographic in nature.  For example, as members “express” their faith and live out the Great Commission, it might be that those… Read More »a simple church network visualized