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Simple Church Conference 16 Wrap Up

I want to take a second and thank everyone who came together this last weekend for the simple church conference.  As I shared at the conference, I had experienced a lot of resistance about the entire during the whole process of planning our time together–so much so that I knew the day had to happen!  I trust that the our time will together will continue to impact our faith journeys and our simple churches that we are connected too. For those that could not make it, allow me to offer a brief summary of our weekend: On Saturday morning, we saw… Read More »Simple Church Conference 16 Wrap Up

2016 Simple Church Conference / Sept 10-11

  2016 Simple Church Conference Prayer for multiplication.  In our fifth year of hosting this conference, we want to have a prayer focus–specifically praying for multiplication of disciples.  One of the characteristics of church planting movements across this globe is “abundant prayer.”  This year we will discuss the essential role of prayer in simple church and disciple making ministry and we will also spend time… you guessed it…  praying!  Together we hope to hear from the Lord in prayer about our relationship with Him and our  role in making disciples of all the nations–beginning with our neighbors.  Certainly we could spend a… Read More »2016 Simple Church Conference / Sept 10-11

Summer Updates (in Photos)

Summer Updates It’s hard to believe that we are about to turn the page on yet another summer!  I wanted to take a few seconds and share some byte-sized updates from simple church happenings.  Thank you for having covered many of these opportunities with prayer. University of Kentucky Simple Church Training         Zumé Project – Kentucky   Summer Celebration Gathering       Water Blast Camp     Awaken Conference in Paintsville, KY     Regional Gathering with Gospel Fellowships       Simple Church Conference Coming Up! Golf Church Finally… What is going on in your neck… Read More »Summer Updates (in Photos)

Church By A Big Tree

God is giving birth to a simple church composed of folks who originally connected through an “ultimate frisbee” team.  I met Lynnette Malott and her family a week ago when visiting this neat new community of Jesus followers.  Today she posted to her Facebook page the comments below.  I asked her if I could repost here.  — One year in Kentucky today. We moved out here to be part of a church plant, but tonight we did church by a big tree in the park with a group of entirely different people. One of the women that I had just met said… Read More »Church By A Big Tree

What are you willing to do to spread the word?

What are you willing to do to spread the word about Jesus?  If God asked you to do something hard and that would take over three years to complete would you be willing to see it through?  These are a few of the question that I left the theater last Tuesday night asking myself after the premiere of Seek First. Seek First is a skate video that was made by members of the simple church in Lexington known as “Skate Church.”  I won’t go into all the details here mostly because the Lexington Herald Leader did a great job on… Read More »What are you willing to do to spread the word?

April 20 – “Experience” Training

This past week, I attended the Christian and Missionary Alliance district conference and had the privilege of sitting in on a workshop with Jeremy Spainhour who is a great friend and staff member at FAC Lexington.  I was so encouraged by his message and its direct application to simple church that I invited him to come and spend some time with us this month.  I hope you can join us as i think this time together has the potential to leave a huge ripple across your circle of influence! How will coming to this training make a difference you ask? I don’t… Read More »April 20 – “Experience” Training

LexPray! 24:7 This Week!

Hey Y’all… LexPray! This Easter, we are hosting a week of prayer along with others in the Body of Christ in the city of Lexington.  Several years ago simple churches in Lexington came together to host a 48 hour prayer room.  It went so well that we wanted to do it again this Easter.  In the process of putting this together, it has grown into a city-wide effort with several churches and ministries joining in!  Our friends at the new prayer room in Lexington are excited to host and we want to invite everyone in the Body of Christ to consider coming… Read More »LexPray! 24:7 This Week!

Special “Experience” Training – Wed 17th

How can we share the truth of the Bible with a culture that increasingly cannot read proficiently or simply does not prefer to read as a means of learning?  This month, come experience how simple church leaders can tackle this growing challenge as we welcome Butch Vernon from Simply The Story. Butch will offer a brief experiential training on storytelling and show how we can also communicate accurate Biblical narratives in an engaging and discussion-oriented way!  This will be an excellent and thought provoking time for any believer–especially those of you interested in leading simple churches.  Learn more about Simply The Story here:    Simple Church “Experience”… Read More »Special “Experience” Training – Wed 17th

Message of the Month – A Simple Church On Every Street

Starting this month, I will highlight a message that I feel is important for believers to consider, especially those of us seeking to walk with Jesus outside the traditional, organizational structures. It’s always been a challenge for me to break-away from the school year calendar.  August continues to feel like the start of a new year for me.  Perhaps that is one of the reasons I am thinking a lot these days about refocusing on the vision God has for me, my family, and for the Simple Church Alliance.  For my first “message of the month,” I would like to… Read More »Message of the Month – A Simple Church On Every Street